How long should I wait to start another IUI
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luli - February 27

We had jest done a IUI. It was paifull since the doctor did a diferent intervention which include a traditional implantation of the sperm and a intervention that goes from the back of the tubes. Some how he seems to kow what he was doing. A year ego we tray a IVF because my age and lack of egg productions. It didnt work!!! according to our doctor it was dificult to get clouse into uterous, lamenarie was not succeful, etc. So know we have dicided to tray two or three time with IUI. Right now I am watting for our next appt. Who long should we wait for our next IUI. We did injectios to estimulate the eggs productio. What is the diferent with clomid/IUI?


joellejack - November 24

. Hi there, Well your doctor could tell you about the time limit exactly. It depends upon your procedure. He could tell you to take medicines of different kinds. Different injections you might have to get. After all of that you are ready for the insemination again and that is going to be successful for you. Just try to keep your intake good. Take some sessions of acupuncture that'd be helpful.



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