Having problem conceiving
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HELOLA - February 20

am 32yrs hv bn married for four yrs, without conceiving learnt l hv subserous fibroid thro scan but hv tried clomid to success but make the fibroid to grow big from 3cm to 5x5cm.Now l want to give a try with menopur or pregnrl. am confused


HELOLA - February 20

m 32yrs hv bn married for four yrs, without conceiving learnt l hv subserous fibroid thro scan but hv tried clomid to no success but make the fibroid grow big from 3cm to 5x5cm.Now l want to give a try with menopur or pregnrl. am confused


Charlie123456 - July 16

SO sorry to hear that. I think you can also opt for IVF, just like I did. It is great, and not costly if you work with Ukrainian clinics


lindabee - July 28

hi, dont give up the fight , am sorry that you are having a hard time with this. there are treatments that can really help you like the one charlie suggested. the next and most important step you will have to make is picking the right clinic that will be pocket friendly and will deliver a successful result. its true clinics in eastern Europe are the best. best of luck


priyaangel2587 - September 11

Hello my dear friend, I am so sorry to hear about your problem and situation in your life. I know The Feeling when you face such a hard time in your life and you always seek for a good solution. It is a dream of every woman to become pregnant and to have a beautiful baby. It is always a sad moment when you face this issue with pregnancy in your life. First of all, I would like to tell you that you should not lose happiness and hope in your life because you can find a solution of this problem. You should not take extra stress and anxiety on your mind because of this problem and you should stay positive with your attitude towards life. The solution of this problem is available and you can also find it. You just need to choose a good infertility clinic where you can find the solution of this problem. You will find option of a good treatment with IVF. You can easily find good clinics in Ukraine where you can find a solution of this infertility problem. These clinics are very effective to give positive results and you will find it cost effective to get solution of these problems. With medical treatment, you should also switch to healthier Lifestyle to increase the chances of fertility with natural way. It is very important to live stress free life and you should add some healthy habits in your regular life. It will be a good option if you can add some regular exercise and yoga in your routine to live healthy and active life. I hope you will find a solution soon and you will live a healthy and beautiful life with your baby.


MaryAnn - September 12

Hello, dear. You are just 32, stop worrying. You are too young to give up. You will definitely get your baby. It may take more time than you could imagine but you should wait. Relax and dream about your future baby. You should stay positive.
There are so many women nowadays which can't get pregnant. It's terrifying. But modern medicine is developing rapidly. So, you have a lot of options to get your baby. You can adopt or surrogate. Whatever you choose you will realize your dream.
If you want this baby to be genetically connected with you, you can find the surrogate mother. It is the fastest way to become a mother. It takes just 9 months. It is a natural birth process. I've heard there are a lot of professional doctors in Ukrainian clinics. They offer high quality treatment at the lowest prices. You should contact them.
Also, there are so many kids which dream to find their home. Why don't you take one of them? They will appreciate you till the end of their lives. A lot of young girls give birth to their babies and then just leave them in hospitals. You can help one of these newborns.
I wish I could adopt a baby. My husband doesn't want me to do it. He said that we will have our own babies when the time comes. I hope so.
Please, stay positive. Hope you are ok now!


Neha5 - September 14

I would like to share here that i understand all your problems and completely empathize with the same. Just want to let you know that do not get disheartened. There are other ways to help you have a baby that you can as your's. Yes the answer is surrogacy. There are many clinics in the world which helps you address this problem. I know of one such clinic in Ukraine which is Biotex.com. I have heard very positive reviews on the same. You can connect with them to understand their services. It is completely safe and reliable.


snjeza1 - September 19

Hi! I am Snjezana. I am married for 5 years. I am 35 years old. I am new on this forum. I had a problem to concieve and stay pregnant. I had a lots of problems to bring my pregnancy to the end. My husband and I want to have another child but I am so scared to go throught it again. I empathize with you and hope you will solve your problem.


janajana1 - September 22

I can imagine how hard it is to face the problems. I hope everything will be fine. Try to relax and think about your health. You must think about your self and everything will be OK. You are still young. Don't let that this problem defines your whole life. There is a solution for every problem. I hope you will find the solution that fits you.


susy123 - September 23

Sorry to hear about your issue. It's hard to deal with that. I know that you feel that you cannot take it anymore. I wish you will find a little more strenght. My thoughts are with you.


RebeccanJohn - September 26

Hey don't loose hope! Medicines are not the last resort. Although i really hope they work for you, but if they don't, there are many other options as well. You can try IVF or adoption. I am myself a candidate of IVF and just put my IVF baby down for a nap. So its not impossible. You just need to stay strong and make the right decision for yourself. Do your research on IVF and Ukrainian clinics.
Sending love and prayers you way!


lauramock - September 29

hey so sorry,its every womans dream to get pregnant and have children i know what your going through is not easy and you can easily give up.am advicing you to not lose hope and believe that everyhting will be owkey.there also other alternatives you can try IVF or adoption.parying for you all the best.


Isabelmason - October 4

I am Isabel Mason. I want ti to share the biggest problem of my life. I am infertile. My age is 40. I have been very non-serious towards life. I used to do parties and hangouts all day long. I have been divorced twice. I married the third time. My husband is very loving and caring. I recently have recovered from cancer. My husband can't risk my life. Both of us want to have a baby. Is there any way that can help me out? I am very serious this time to conceive. If any, please let me know.


ilenannug - October 31

Hello ladies. I agree with all the suggestions about not giving up. It is important to keep trying. If your condition is making it hard to conceive then go for other options. For example surrogacy. That might be just what you need. Good luck!



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