First iui
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dejlightburn1217 - March 7

Nervous had my first iui on friday march 4, trying not to think about it but i really hope this works they said i had 3 good follicles ready on thursday and they gave me the HCG shot and i came in the next day to do my iui now im in this waiting period. Praying that my period doesnt come and i get a positive pregnancy test. I dont know what to expect im really scared..


jessicaimon - November 22

Hi, hope you are fine and IUI will be successful and you will be happy after your IUI.I also faced IUI and after that I got pregnant .I have a daughter now and you should hope for the best .Your periods will not come at the time of IUI don’t worry. One of my friends had periods at the time of IUI she waited and after period she got pregnant .Hope good and think positive. Felling nevous is natural but try to be calm.Have patience and be happy.


selena936 - November 22

Hey there. I hope you test positive. Just try not to think too much about it. Obsessing over it will only make you more nervous. Keep yourself distracted while you wait. Sending baby dust your way. Let us know how it goes.


beyonce - November 22

I hope that you get a positive result, honey. I wish you the best of luck. Also, I know it's easier said than done but please don't just worry too much about it. You'll be fine and this time it'll be a success. Please keep us posted on the progress and results. Thinking of you!



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