blocked Fallopian tubes
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marionrazo - July 28

we have been trying for a child for a while. we thought its just that it was difficult for us and we both fine. i went for a check up and my tubes were the cause of the difficulty. what next is there for me?? will i ever get pregnant


lindabee - July 28

hi marion , am so sorry. there are treatments that will help you. remember keep your spirits up and all will be well. depends with your condition but there is IVF and you will still have that chance to have a child. make that important step.


RebeccanJohn - September 26

Hi marion. I can relate to your problem. Both my tubes are scarred and almost destroyed due to recurrent PID. Just like you, i thought i would never be pregnant again. But then i decided to opt for IVF. It was the hardest decision of my life but i was amazed at the results. It seemed like a miracle to me when i was holding my baby. Don't loose hope. Make sure you try hard enough to utilize all options possible. Good luck.


lauramock - September 29

hey ,you might have only one fallopian tube if you've had pelvic surgery for an infection, a tumor or a past ectopic pregnancy. Occasionally, some women are born with only one tube. However, you may still be able to get pregnant with only one tube if you have at least one functioning ovary.


Isabel99 - October 14

Hi there! I suggest you to go for IVF. Before the advent of IVF, surgical repair of damaged fallopian tubes was considered standard medical care. Most women did not become pregnant following this procedure, and 10% to 20% experienced tubal pregnancies. Today, IVF has replaced tubal surgery for most women with damaged fallopian tubes for two reasons: (1) IVF is a nonsurgical treatment(2) It results in excellent pregnancy rates, especially for women with tubal disease. Since you have blocked tubes I suggest you to go for IVF. One of my close friend told me there is a good clinic located in Ukraine for IVF . I recommend you that clinic.They provide the clients with free accommodation and food, as well as free transportation. The initial consultation is also free. Hope my information will be helpful.


Neha5 - October 15

The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes which carry mature egg from ovaries to uterus. They are of utmost importance in fertilization process. Fertilization takes place when eggs are traversing through fallopian tubes on their way to uterus. So when Fallopian Tubes are blocked, eggs cannot reach to the uterus which impedes fertilization and eventually pregnancy. Single tubal blockage as well as both tubes blockage is equally fatal. Blocking of fallopian tubes is one of the major causes of infertility among women and accounts for 40% cases of infertility.


Isabelmason - October 17

Hello. Such cases are prevalent now a day. It’s like different couples fail to get a baby just because of these conditions. I am also declared as infertile by the doctor. I tried to consult a surrogacy clinic. I know this is very difficult to carry. I would recommend you to consult them. They will give you a complete briefing about what are the possible ways for you. To become a mom is the biggest dream. You should not waste your time with nonprofessionals. I think they will suggest you go for IVF or maybe some other. Try to get in touch. They may be able to solve your malady.


joporraffi - October 24

Hi Marionrazo, how are you doing? I know what you are going through. It is very hard to accept that you cannot become a mother. Please do not lose hope. There is definitely a way through which you can become a mother. Blocked fallopian tubes can be treated as well as. The other option for you is IUI treatment through donor eggs. We are not living in a primitive era anymore. Now we have solutions for every problem :)


logullennyd - October 24

Hello Marionrazo, I hope you are doing fine. I am so sad to read your comment. I wish there would be no infertility at all. I would suggest you go for IUI treatment. IUI is a treatment that includes putting sperm inside a uterus of a woman to encourage treatment. The purpose of IUI is to expand the quantity of sperm that spans the fallopian tubes and along these lines increment the possibility of treatment. I believe it would be the best solution for you so go for it after consulting with your doctor. I wish you have a baby soon.



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