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Lee - September 30

I used HCG my last IVF (successful) so I am nervous about the change to Ovidrel. Does anyone know any down side to using this or know of any people that it did not work for? Thanks.


Toni - October 2

Isn't that the same thing? I think Ovidrel is a brand name. Not sure though. I used it without any problems at all.


Lee - October 2

Hi Toni
Thanks. I had my IUI today. Doc explained one vs the other. HCG is derived from urine of pregnant women, YIKES, and Ovidrel is recombinant ( or chemical derived) and you are right, same result but not the same. It is more expensive which is why it is not so universal yet. Thanks again. Any luck?


Toni - October 2

Hey Lee, hope your IUI is successful! Is it your first time for that? I am going tomorrow for a sono to see where I am with this first round of clomid. My dr wants to go ahead and do an IUI. I am 39. So I hope that I get to do that this month. Keep us posted on your IUI results and symptoms! Good luck,


Lee - October 3

Hi Toni
I am 40. This is my first IUI, but I had one IVF and have a beautiful 3 year old as a result. I am feeling very good about this and I promise I will stay in touch. Good luck tomorrow, let me know.


Toni - October 3

Lee, Just had my sono and I have 4 follicles and we are going for the IUI on Wed. How many follicles did you have?


Lee - October 3

I had three. Two really big ones and then one that I count (RE didn't) it was 16mm right at the moment of IUI. Stay in touch and good luck on Wednesday! Four is great.


Toni - October 4

Lee, I will check in tomorrow. I can't wait to see if it worked for you!


TO TONI FROM LEE - October 5

How did it go?


Toni - October 5

Lee, it went great. I was worried it would hurt but it didn't. However, I have some cramping now. My dh's sample was good. About average numbers and great motility. Now the 2 week wait! Did you have cramping and how long did it last? For some reason ( I know not valid), I feel afraid to workout!



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