Any success stories with ttc late in life?
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anice123 - December 2

I am 43 and married late and we want a baby. I have actively been ttc for a few months, but it's been conservative. Just clomid 50 mg and last month an FSH shot to open up the follicle at ovulation. Each month all of my levels and follicles have looked good so we were expecting me to get pregnant. But now after 5 months the doc told me to be more agressive and go to an reproductive endo. so I am going on Thursday. My sis got pregnant at age 41 so I didn't think I would have a problem. I do not want nor can afford an egg donor. I have not had any tests done to see if my eggs are good. Does anyone have any success stories of being pregnant and delivering at this age? My heart sinks to my stomach when I think it's too late. I know God will bring it to pass if it is meant to be....won't He???? I read online how it's unlikely, then on another site I read advice to not listen to statistics. Any thoughts? Thank you........


Hollymouse - May 8

Hi anice123 I hope you are stll out there checking this post because I am in your shoes exactly!! I was hoping to read here something to give me hope.. I'm not sure what to so...


susan4988 - May 12

Hello anice123! I too am trying to start a family late in life. I am 38 and my DH is 51. We have been married for 2 years, and TTC for 3. No luck. I do not ovulate. He is perfect, no problems with his little swimmers!! YAY! However, with that being said, this is the first month that we have sought medical intervention. I did not have insurance previous to now that would cover fertility treatments. I start my first round of clomid on Saturday (5/15). My dr is being aggressive from the start. I will be taking 100mg of clomid x5days, then will have u/s on 5/24 for possible IUI the 25th or 26th. I try not to look to deeply into the statistics I find online -- I try to remind they are just statistics; that I could be completely different, which is what I am banking on. There is a part of me hoping for twins the first time around, so then I would be done with the whole fertility treatment thing; but will do what needs to be done. My DH says just 1, but I told him we'd be blessed with whateve God has intended for us!!


Aunemom2b - May 16

HELLO!!! I am 38 and have been TTC for 4 years (since my wedding date) my husband is great and has kids of his own. They have NO idea what is causing us not to get pregnant. I have had 3 iui - all unsucessful, and will go for a 4th in July... I have tried Clomid before but it caused huge painful cysts... I started it again and will be on 100mg in July. I dont think I am too old - yet..but time IS running out - this is my first marriage and I was on the pill for 18 years - I NEVER thought I would eve have issues (I come from a VERY fertile family!!LOL) - I have a friend that was 42 and had 3 iui - the 3rd one worked and she has a beautiful 2 year old daughter!! There is still hope for us all - keep the faith!!


jaimeida - November 24

Hey Annice! Why are you worrying about your age? Even I know some couples who conceived a baby in the age of 49 or 50. Don’t lose hope on your age and don’t compare yourself with anyone else. I recommend you to have a test to check quality of your eggs. This may help you a lot for your further treatments. Don’t lose hope in any case and always boost your energy level. You will be a mama in future so you have to be very brave for you kid. I wish you Good luck


marianataylor - November 30

Hello Anice. I hope you are doing well. It is better to conceive at a young age. However, your age is not too much. You can easily get pregnant. Women even get pregnant in their 50s. Why did not you have the tests? I hope there is nothing wrong with you. However, you must have your tests done.


wellspringivf - June 5

It's always better and best to get pregnant at an early age. As the age increases infertility decreases. Women are most fertile in its 20's and fertility decreases by 35 yrs age. If you are suffering from infertility you can undergo with IVF or Surrogacy process for having your own baby.


RhondaJosh - June 5

Hey there. How are things going? I hope they are well. I am really sorry that you have to wait so much. I know it must be hard. I have been through the TTC phase. It's great that you don't lose hope. I have heard a lot of stories from women. They got pregnant in their forties. IF you are physically and mentally strong it can happen. Good luck. Take care.



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