3rd M/C and Considering IVF
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pregnantin2010 - June 27

I have had 3 m/c in 9 months. I waited TTC for months after each because I wanted to make sure my body recovered. I am 32 and I am now considering IVF. Please keep in mind that I have been able to get pregnant each time I have tried, the first time. All of my tests came back normal from my except I had a small septum and fibroids which were removed after my second m/c. On the third pregnancy, I was put on 81mg of Baby Asprin, Progesterone, Metanx and Prenatal Vitamins. I did not start the progesterone suppositories until the 15th DPO. I am seriously considering IVF as my Dr claims that it is the most popular treatment for people with unexplained Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Does anyone have any personal storied they can share about this? Is it successful process for a candidate like me or not?


jessicaimon - November 27

I feel sorry for your multiple miscarriages. Why didn’t you wait for ttc? Is there any emergency you want baby for? Or you’re not taking contraceptives? I think your body needs recovery. Give time and attention(proper healthy diet) to your body. Wait at least 6 months. If you didn’t conceive after 6, 7 months then you must go for IVF. I wish you very best of luck.


beyonce - November 29

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses, honey. I'm not sure but is IVF the right thing to do here? I mean you got pregnant every single time, right? So, no infertility related issue then. Have you consulted an expert about this? What did they say? Hoping to hear from you!



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