Suspicions about husband cheating. Please help!
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Sasha - July 18

I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, and my husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We dated for 5 years before marriage so we have been together 10 years total. We had/have what some would think was the "perfect marriage". We never fought and this baby made our lives more exciting than ever. He has always been the perfect guy, the love of my life and who I thought was honestly my "soul mate". Here's the deal...I had been getting a little suspicious with his behavior. Constantly having his cell phone on his body and it being on silent, not accountable for all his time, etc. At first I thought it was my hormones making me paranoid...until I checked our cell phone bill. I noticed that one number appeared way too frequently...namely when I was out of the house or even when I was asleep. Then he was deleting any signs of it off his cell phone. I confronted him about it and he said it was a friend at work who kept trying to get him into some "marketing" program. We didn't even get into the discussion before he started packing his bag and was tired of me being accusatory. This was the first I had ever mentioned ANYTHING to him. It seemed to me that he scrambled and started talking about all this garbage how he hadn't been happy for quite sometime, but he still cared for me blah blah blah. In one world was turned upside down. Here I sit, 6 months pregnant, alone...not knowing what to do. He didn't call me for two days and I called him a couple of times. Finally I had had enough and went to find him and we talked (mostly one sided - he is so hard to get anything out of) - and he said that he would stop his outside of work relationship with this woman and I agreed that the past was the past - no matter what happened - even though he still maintained they were just friends. Well, this was on Saturday and on Monday he said that she called him and said she wouldn't call anymore. I noticed there were other calls on Wednesday, but didn't mention them to him. On Thursday, he made some plans with his dad to go to a car auction. I led on like I didn't want to go but that I wanted him to meet me so that we could go to dinner beforehand. We went to dinner and I decided to go ahead and go with them. She called him (from a private number) and he was really short with her and hung up. I asked who it was and he said it was her. I told him I heard her ask if he was coming over and he said that it was about whether or not he was going to a meeting regarding the marketing thing - that he supposedly told her he didnt' want to have anything to do with. I called her the next day and we had a long discussion and she said they were just friends...he was so mad that I had even called. That weekend there was a one night camping trip with his friends from work (who I had never met) - and I won't even get into the suspicions over that. What am I supposed to do? We are supposed to go on vacation next week and I want to wait it out until after then to make any rash decisions. And I want HARD PROOF before trying to be even more accusatory - but I am so hard headed it is hard for me not to mention the little things that are different. I am afraid that this is going to affect the baby because I am constantly stressed - I can hardly eat - and when I do it comes either up or down almost immediately. Please give me your advice. I love my husband so very much and I know that he loves me too - this has been to sudden for him not to - I just need some closure. I don't want to go into motherhood as a single mom when I have been looking forward to spending my entire life with this man and our children. And now I am having doubts about having any more. I can't focus on the baby like I was - the excitement is gone - and the "glow" is not there anymore. I just don't know what to do.


kefy - July 20

im sorry with what u goimgh through, but men always do things outta this world, ol i can say is u gts to find out whats going, and girl i gtta be frank with u its either u leave him or u carry on with him and try to talk things thru with him, myb theres some stuff he aint telling you, im so sorry about that but i hope things will work out for both of u and y baby


Av - March 23

Sasha, How are things going with you and your hubby now? I hope you gave birth safely? Is it a boy or a girl? I hope the storm in your marriage has settled and you and your hubby are both doing fine. pls update and all the best.


slowpoke01 - May 25

i too would like an update as to how everything turned out that is really horrible but it may just be that htye were friends please let us know how everything is and how the baby is



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