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hoping2009 - January 24

My husband and I have been trying to concieve for about 2 years.... I started having hot flashes, ect (at 31) and went to doc... was told no big deal.. so 1 year ago made them start doing some tests... I have a mildly septate utereus, my husband is sterile and I am entering menopause due to early ovarian reserve failure... It has just been one thing after another and I am so tired of it. My husband has to go on hormone therapy due to low testosterone (225 and he is only 37). We are going to try AI with a sperm donor. My husband said ok, then said no, and now is ok with it again, but i don't think he really is. I deperately want a child, we can't afford adoption or IVF w/ donor sperm and egg... I am scared to death this won't work and scared to death it will.. . Is he going to change his mind again if it does work? They aren't going to fix the septate and that puts me higher risk.. I have vey good friends that I have talked with, but while they are sympathetic they all have kids and can't be empathetic. I was just laid off and my husband agreed to let me go back and finish shcool (6 months left) so I can go teach... There is just so much going on and I want this so much, but I am scared that if i get it then I may lose my husband who is just the best man in the world and I don't want to do this alone.... I am just really feeling the pressure today,...


ishawaiting - January 24

does ur U/S scan shows follicles? and r ur tubes p[atent? if they r, u are likely to become preg with sperm donation. ur husband may feel that it is only ur baby not his. it's natural isnt it? why dont u 2 try counseling? i'm sure ur husband will understand. good luck for both of u.



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