Pregnant with tubes tied, HOW?
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V - March 6

I had my tubes tied in October 2005 at age 22. Now aged 23 I have just lost a baby at 12 weeks. We didn't know I was pregnant. My doctors have been really nasty wanting to treat me and my baby(dec) as an experiment. But I am pleased to say we saved our baby that and buried him. My husband and I are fighting the tests. I think we have been through enough. I have miscarried before, before my tubes were done and have always been treated as a grieving parent, this time however I am made to feel like I have an obligation to the medical profession. Are they just trying to cover their backs in a situation that I would never turn into a lawsuit? I am scared I will miscarry again and that would be too much to bear. How is it possible to fall pregnant with clips? Someone else who has been through this please talk to me...



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