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lenka - February 7

Question: Hi, girls! I am 39 and trying to get pregnant. My doctor measured progesteron level and sad that I did not ovulate even I felt ovulation and tested my estrogen and LH level and it was positive for ovulation. I thought that I could have a lutheal thase defect because my progesteron was low and I have perioda very often twice a month. My doctor did not want to here my concerns and just sad that according to my low progesteron level I did not ovulate even I felt ovulation itself.I do not know that to think and what to do. My doctor sad that he is going to give me FSH injection instead of Chlomid because it is better. I do not understand why is FSH injection is better than Chlomid. I never tried anything exept natural cycle. It seems that doctor does not care to explain me anythink but wants to make money and be done with it even if I am not concieve. I am 39 and very frustrated and worry about early menoupause...Please give me some advice.I really need some support. Thank you.



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