im 16 and made a big mistake
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Chanel - April 30

ok, im probly the youngest person on here and its kind of embarresing. but ok
the other day me and my boyfreind had unprotected sex. and he dosnt know if he pulled out in time. and ive been worried sick for the last couple dayz. i dont have my lisense so i cant go to a planned parent hood place and get some morning after pills, my family is very fertile, and i dont quite understand all this womanly ovulating stuff. can some one help me with a few of these questions?
1. can i get pregnat w/ pre-cum?
2. if it was two days before im spossed to start ovulating will it make a difference whether or not i could get pregnat?
3. how do i know im ovulating? (with out spendy tests and stuff. i have no job)

ive heard that you start to have a temp change and you get mucus in ur undewear and that has happend to me today... and im not sure if i should be happy and think im home free and not pregnat. or if i should still be worried. so if any one can answer my questions asap plz email them to me at [email protected]
im not sure how i found this area of this website and im nto sure i will be able to find my way back. thank you ladys! good luck getting pregnat! my prayers are for all of you!


wannabeamom - February 19

Yes you can get pregnant w/precum. If it is near ovulation, yes you can get pregnant. Go get a pregnancy test or get to the doctor for a test. I don't know your family situation, but it may help to talk with a sibling or parent. Goodluck.


SerineMali - April 16

Hey Chanel,
Yes you can get pregnant from precum. Sperm can live inside the body for a couple days, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're preg. Sometimes during ovulation you feel a slight sharp pain on your side and you can get white colored discharge. if you don't get your period when you're suppose to make sure you buy a pregnancy test and test at home. Don't be afraid to talk to someone. Don't go though this process alone, it will only be more difficult. I know families can be rough on you. Of course they want you to finish school and all these things, but do what you feel is right. You need to take care of your body right now and if you are pregnant you need to take care of that baby-regardless of what you decide to do. I have to say there can be a chance you can be pregnant. Normally it's said that the egg stays fertile for about 24 hours and then passes on and menstruation begins. When are you suppose to get your period... Right back


jean - September 11

too young! most probably you are pregnant and there's nothing much you can do. you made your choice so be responsible.


momnikki - July 7

I have been going through all those pregnancy and moms’ forums for days now. I am terrified how many girls get pregnant at that early age. What’s going on on Earth nowadays… You need to be responsible. You have to take care of yourself, your body, and life. You cannot let the guy destroy your future just because he did not want to pull out or was stupid to not even know if he did. Can you imagine how much responsibility you would have on you, raising a child? No matter what, no matter how embarrassed you are, talk to your family member, see the doctor. Tell your stupid boyfriend to get his shit together and help you out through all the hard times.



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