hpv and pregnancy
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Lisa - June 25

I"m 7 months pregnant and I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. On my last pap smear it came back normal. I want to know if I can give hpv to my unborn baby? Do I need a c-section to make sure that the baby doesnt get hpv from my cervix?


Brandi - July 21

I also have HPV (cervical dysplasia) and even though HPV is contagious. I had a very healthy Daughter born vaginally and my Doctor reassured me, I would be fine as well as my Daughter. and she is!


lovemy3 - July 21

So did I and all 3 kids are fine.


CarolinaCowgirl - June 19

I was in the Army when I found out I was pregnant.....Panama. They told me I had HPV and made me feel horrible......I didn't even know what it was. Well, I got out and got a civilian doctor who confirmed yes I did have it and I had a healthy boy. I got tested every 6 months for the 2 following years......and then on my own accord I went to once a year (and didnt tell new doctors...to see if they would find it)........I have had lots of doctors as I have moved a lot...........I have never had a positive for a HPV test after my pregnancy.......which was 13 years ago. I'm no expert, but I vaguely recall reading something about some women only getting positives on HPV tests while pregnancy do to hormone changes. I cannot verify that as accurate........b/c it was so long ago. I hope my sharing helps you somewhat.....oh, and by the way, I had my son vaginally......no problems.



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