Any support groups in the greater Chicago area?
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mlscott - September 1

I am so sick and tired of trying! We have been trying for over 18 months now. This past month was our first month with treatment - no luck, I actually got my period 4 days early. I had been handling things so well the past 7 months. But now that we are getting assistance it is so emotionally exhausting again. I have realized how much I am kidding myself that I am ok and doing good. I really don't think I can do this anymore, I am ready to go back on the pill (not that I need it or anything). I am so emotionally drained, all in a matter of 12 hours I went from feeling convinced this was our month (convinced myself I saw a faint line on a HPT) to bawling because it is not. I know I am not in control of this, that God plans everything for a reason, but it is SO NOT comforting me anymore. Does anyone know of any support groups where you meet face to face in the greater Chicago area? If I don't find one I am not sure I can continue this any longer...



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