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calibsbaby1 - January 15

hi, i have read about this product and there have been so many success stories and i was told that it worked, but i wanted to get some advice to see if anyone has tried it and it has or hasn't worked. please and thank you.


ciarra44 - June 8

yes ovulex is very effective because it helps in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle, strengthen the walls of your uterus, reduce reactions of stress and is good for overall well-being. my sister was taking it and she has now 3 lovely kids.


olivia - June 14

seriously if you're trying to get pregnant by means of taking treatment, i think you should consider talking to your doctor first. better safe than sorry. just saying.


phine - September 9

ovulex contains all natural ingredients so this treatment is safe to take .this basically helps you ovulate longer, giving you a higher chance to conceive.


jaya - September 10

i've heard a lot of great as well as horrible stories about this supplement. so personally speaking i don't know if i can recommend this or not. i think it would be best to ask doctor's advice just to be safe.



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