Gestational surrogacy - Altruistic surrogacy
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mac2151 - January 21

We are in need of a Surrogate mother willing to help voluntarily. We want to go independent. We are searching for a surrogate mother ages between 21-30, with health insurance and a lawyer, previously given birth without medical complications, have a healthy lifestyle - 'Non-smoker or abuse alcohol', be in good physical and mental health, have a source of income, not on any form of state aid. A California or Arkansas resident for US surrogates.
We have been married for more than 10 years, I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis making it difficult for me to conceive even though I had a surgery. I know there are some mothers who would like to help a family achieve their dream and happiness. Thanks in advance for your kindness.


natalika2017 - November 15

Why did not you answer for so long? This is a very serious topic. Many families can not have children. Therefore, your step is very correct. You want to be together and go through all the difficulties together. I admire you. But so to look for a surrogate mother is very risky. I think it's necessary to go to a special clinic. Where is the careful selection of such women. You can not know about her illnesses. Do not know her way of life - smoking, alcoholism. The right services of a lawyer are still necessary. There were cases of loss of money and a child. You need to solve all the problems together with your husband. Surrogate mother's services are very expensive. If you pay money, you need quality. I wish you success. I am proud of you.


pronatali2003 - December 15

Hello! I also heard about this clinic. My friend was planning a pregnancy with her husband. They did not succeed for long. With this problem they turned to their doctor. Again, the result was not, as well as adequate assistance. They started looking for a paid clinic with their husband. At first they were offered clinics in Europe, but there were great prices. They searched and chose clinics for a year. Time was running out, but there was no search result. At the forums they were recommended by the clinics of reproductive medicine «?????????». This is in Ukraine. They have long doubted the qualifications of doctors. In the end, they decided, because it was the best option. They were very surprised when they arrived there. Modern approach to examination in this clinic. She underwent a complete examination. Her partner also underwent an appropriate examination. The girlfriend has found out a condition of an endometrial, patency of fallopian tubes, an ovulation. It was possible to determine the reason for the absence of pregnancy. Doctors appointed the right treatment. Of course, it took time. A course of treatment was prescribed. It was necessary to observe, treat. As a result, she is pregnant! They are very happy and grateful to her husband! Now it continues to be observed in Trust only this clinic «?????????».. By the way, the clinic pays for accommodation and travel. I heard that they recommended that another woman be treated there.



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