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kc75 - October 1

We had been trying to get pregnant for two years, I had enough. With history of endometirosis in my family and having several symptoms I under went laperscopic surgery and sure enough stage 4 endometriosis, my ovaries are stuck together and my uterus is adhered to my abdominal wall. So IVF was are only hope. I went thru the whole process, had two fertilized eggs transferred and 10 days later the test was negative. We just met with my dr today and she said that they found enterococcus faecalis in the rest of the fertilized eggs on day 6. and not to be alarmed that it was in the sperm sample, and that she will just change our antibiotic to amoxicillin instead of doxycycline when i start the stimulation meds this time around. when I got home i started looking this up and was very alarmed... even though is a normal flora tha we all have i'm reading all this stuff that it can cause low sperm count and that it needs to be treated for 6-8 weeks. I called my dr back and one of the nurses called me and told me that it wasn't an infection that its just normal flora that lives in your digestive tract and that my husband could of had it on his hands, or penis or in his urinary system, and not to worry that its normal. I told her that i don't want to go thru another IVF cycle and get the same results. she had said that they have only seen 2-3 cases of this and the couple have all become pregnant on the second cycle. I'm worried and nervous. anyone have any info that could help us out.


mara79 - June 8

if there is a big possibility of getting pregnant then go for it and take the risk. so if by chance you won't succeed, well at least you have tried. if you're nervous then talk to your partner about your concern.


djeny - July 26

endometriosis is hereditary. if you have a family history for this, then maybe it has been passed down to you and causing your infertility problem.


hailbrown - August 28

Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your situation. It must be such a tough time. However, please don't lose hope. Try not to stress too much on this either, as it's not a good environment for a baby to be conceived. I think you should go for the next cycle. IVF is not successful for many in the first round. Good luck with it!


jenn123 - August 28

Hello! I'm sorry to learn about your circumstance. It must be such an intense time. Be that as it may, kindly don't lose hope. Do whatever it takes not to stress excessively on this either, as it is anything but a decent situation for an infant to be conceived in. I figure you ought to go for the following cycle. IVF isn't fruitful for some in the first round. Good fortunes with it!



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