Clomid 2 days late, 1 Fallopian tube
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Maybebabyrivera - February 10

I'm new to this forum. I had a tubal pregnancy back in 1999 when I was 18 which went up to 4 1/2 months had surgery and lost the baby. I never did get a period after that unless I took provera until November 2011. I was then lucky enough to finally find a doctor last year that was interested enough to help me most doctors wouldn't even attemp to help me because of my weight. This doctor quickly scheduled me for laparoscopic surgery and a hysteroscopy turns out my left tube where the baby was is no good so he took it out. My right tube was completely blocked with scarred tissue. After my surgery in October 2012 the doctor started me on clomyd. I'm on my 3rd cycle. Clomyd shorted my cycle from 35-37 days to 30-31 days. Today is day 31 and other than mild cramps there is o sign of AF. Last 2 months spotting started by cycle day 28. I am very much against getting my hopes up and don't want to be disappointed with another bfn. My doctor said to go in for blood test if AF doesn't show by cycle day 30. If I go test tomorrow it will be cycle day 32. Has anyone had this happened? My boobs are sensitive, haven't been able to sleep but tired. Dh is having nausea and stomach issues but not sure if its related or not. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :) thank you!!



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