One fallopian tube
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Amandar541 - December 3

Hey there I'm 20 and ttc. I had a 25 cm cyst removed from my right ovary when I was 13, and they had to take my Fallopian tube with it. My question is does anyone have anything similar and have a 55+ day cycle? I'm very concerned and trying everything possible, but don't have medical insurance yet so having to wait it out. Thanks ladies.


natalika2017 - December 20

My friend of 21 years, at the age of 20, found two cysts on both ovaries 6 cm each, and prescribed birth control pills. She drank it for 3 months. One cyst dissolves on the left ovary, and the other one does not. I had to do laparoscopy and remove the right cyst. A week later, mastopathy and an allergy to this drug began. There was dryness in the vagina and it was not possible to be engaged in sex painfully. Another bladder began to hurt and it was painful to walk to the toilet. I went again to the doctor. He abolished hormone pills and prescribed antibiotics. I do not advise you to drink hormones until you consult a doctor and do the analysis. Because some of them are simply contraindicated, and some may start allergies and pain. A bit of an incomprehensible post. The girl wants to get pregnant? I know that after the operation the chances are significantly reduced. You should not drive yourself into negative thoughts with negative thoughts. More than half of the women after the operation of an ectopic pregnancy are able to subsequently become pregnant, endure and give birth to a healthy child. What you need to do.
First of all, you need to undergo a medical examination. Both partners are required to pass tests for the detection of possible sexually transmitted infections. Disease-causing bacteria can trigger inflammation in the fallopian tubes, which ends with the appearance of adhesions.

Spikes prevent the egg from moving into the uterus. It is necessary to check the patency of the pipes, if everything is normal, then pregnancy is possible. Go through a deep endocrine examination, because hormonal failure can lead to unsuccessful pregnancy.
Remember that even if you have only one uterine tube left, the chances of a normal pregnancy are not lost.
Do not close in yourself, ask for help from an experienced psychotherapist, this problem must be solved before the onset of a new pregnancy.

Calm down, get away from bad thoughts. Try to eat right, sleep, go on vacation, best of all at sea. At this time it is very important to set yourself up for a positive. The hope that you will become pregnant again will grow with your mood,
Anything can happen, and if an ectopic pregnancy repeats itself and the second fallopian tube is removed, then this is still a non-final sentence.
Fortunately, our medicine is developing rapidly and you will receive IVF (in vitro fertilization).



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