infertility solutions
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marionrazo - July 7

hi girls, i have been reading through some of your post and some of you are undergoing the same case as i am. i also have a hard time conceiving. i haven't tried any method yet am just looking for a TTC buddy. i have searched the web for the best clinics both close at home an abroad. i would have to say BioTexCom has the best to offer. It has a good track record on successes . So who is going to go there with me?????? xo


JohnCash - July 25

There are many reasons to infertility. Therefore you should get tested to know your reason and according to that you can adopt any treatment. If you have pcod/pcos then weight loss and balancing your hormones will show positive improvement in you. To know more you can visit online.


lindabee - July 28

hi marion, its good you have made the decision to go to a clinic. make sure you understand whats really wrong with you body and really get to know the kind of treatments that are out there. good luck as you make this important journey



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