First IUI
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ttc30 - February 3

Hi everyone! I'm 30 years old, my husband is 34 and we've been ttc for 14 months. My husband's sperm analysis was good, however we've had two post-coital tests that showed little or no sperm motility. All of my bloodwork came back normal as well as a normal ultrasound. For some reason, our bodies just aren't working together. The dr. mentioned that it could be an antisperm antibody issue so we're trying IUI next week. He also put me on Femara (letrazole). I'm very anxious and hopeful. Anyone experiencing the same thing or words of wisdom from those that have been through it?


alexis brown - November 22

Hey dear! I think that 14 months is not so much long if you are trying to conceive because even the healthy couples do take 18 months to conceive. Sometimes it is the hormonal imbalance or the health that is not letting you to conceive. But now as you have decided to go for IUI so I wish you best of luck. I hope everything ends well for you. Take care.



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