3 miscarriages in past 9 years
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MilanaK - April 25

Hello everyone! I’m new to this forum. Usually I don’t discuss my problem, but now I feel like I really need this. I've already shared my problem on another forum, but didn't get any reply so far. I really need your help!

I’m lost and I need some piece of advice. I have no one to talk to about my infertility struggle. My husband supports me, but it is so hard for me to share my feeling with him. We’ve gone through a lot and this hurt both of us. All of our friends have children. I’ve heard so many announcements during last 9 years I’ve lost count. People who don’t know our situation constantly asking what we are waiting for, it’s time to have kids. I’m so tired…

I had 3 MCs during past 9 years. The last one was 3 months ago. I’m broken and devastated. I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to torture myself and my dh again. I’m thinking about surrogacy. My husband is against this idea. First of all surrogacy is illegal here in Italy. I told him we could go abroad. But he said this is too expensive. We googled prices in the USA and they are really high… But we could take a loan or smth like that… He doesn’t want to listen. I’m almost 40. My chances to carry a healthy child won’t get better. I feel strongly about surrogacy. How to explain my husband that this option is the best for us?

Also I decided to start collecting information about surrogacy process. I will appreciate any information! Where will be better to go for surrogacy? What are prices? What is the process? How to find surrogate mother? So sorry for such a big post and so many questions! Thank you in advance!


karen009 - June 23

Hi dear! I'm so sorry about your losses. I can't even imagine how this was hard for you. It's great you continue to look for options! Please be strong and don't give up. I know exactly how it feels when everyone around is getting pregnant. You want to be happy for them but at the same time you feel angry at the world.
When my DH and I first started to look for surrogacy info we were shocked by prices. USA has huge costs! We don't have such money. Their costs varies from $100 000 to $150 000. It is prohibitive price for us. Speaking about Greece, their prices are lower. Their costs varies from $60 000 to $80 000. Also I had a fear of scammers. There are a lot of fake agencies, who have only one aim – to pull out all your money. Be very careful in your search! Speaking about India, it turned out, that they canceled surrogacy for foreigners. You should remember, then it may cost even more in the end. I know that in some clinics they may just give you list of services (which were not discussed previously) after delivery to pull more money.
As for me, I consider reviews both positive and negative. It means a lot to be aware of all sides and cases of clinic. Also it is better to contact clinics directly. They usually have websites, where you can find their phone number or email. Don’t forget to study thoroughly official sites of clinics! Conditions, prices, services, photos, videos. Some clinics have videos, where they tell some details about their treatments and approaches. Also pay attention, what documents you’ll need there and what services they provide. For example, if you are looking for clinic abroad, they may help you to comfort your residence in foreign country.
We had our surrogacy in Europe. There are many clinics with reasonable price and great service. So I'd advise you to look more into European clinics. I think it will help to convince your husband! I wish you best of luck! If you need to talk I'm always here for you)


rakialulu - June 27

I want to use this means to let the world know that all hope is not lost Getting pregnant after having tubes clamped and burned, I know IVF and Reversal could help but it way too cost, i couldn't afford it either and i so desire to add another baby to my family been trying for 5 years, not until i came across Priest Babaka, who cast a pregnancy/Fertility spell for me and i got pregnant.l hope that women out there who are going through the same fears and worries l went through in GETTING PREGNANT , will find your contact as i drop it here on this site, and solution will come to them as they contact you. Thank you and God bless you to reach him email via: babaka.wolf AT gmail.com or visit his website: priestbabakatemple.webs.com


xGirl - July 13

Hi dear, I hope you are doing well. I know a clinic in Kiev, Ukraine, That won't cost you much. It provides you with transportation, accommodation and food for free. Then the managers will meet you, And The initial consultation is also free. Plus, all of the surrogacy contracts include unlimited attempts. You just need to prove that your health conditions don't allow you to carry a child. You need a letter from your doctor to prove it. The clinic is ISO certified which guarantee that their services meet your expectations. If you need more information, Feel free to ask anytime.


saurab015 - July 13

Hello Dear and a warm welcome ,
I'm sorry about your losses in past 9 years, i know a lady she had 6 MC she was devastated by it and finally chooses to get pregnant with surrogacy on Donor's eggs , she told me about a clinic in kiev, ukraine where she was treated name of the clinic is Biotexcom and i suggest you to visit their.. Good luck


katiebarber - July 15

hello dear,i am so sorry about that,i have had a friend whose had other infertility issues and she never gave up.ever heard of biotexcom? she got her treatment there you should try them out.....goodluck


MilanaK - July 29

Hello girls! Wow I'm impressed to see all your replies! Thank you so much for support and information! I'll consider everything you've told. I see that many of you advised Ukrainian clinics, are they that good? I've never considered this country but now I'm all into it! I will be so grateful if you give more details about this clinic. I'll definitely make my own research on it!


MilanaK - July 29

karen009 thank you for support. This is so hard when no one understands... I'm not the one who talks about problems and feelings much, but sometimes there are so many things inside... It seems like I want to scream, want to talk everything out but there is no one to hear... All my friends have children and there is no chance for them to understand my feelings.

Yeah, prices are crazy! I'm afraid surrogacy will take all our money and even more. But I'm ready for everything just to become a mother! Thanks for a warning. Now I'll pay even more attention to my search. The last thing I want is some fraudster to take our money!

I appreciate your help! I'm so grateful you gave me all this information. It will definitely make my search easier. I'll tell everything to my dh! I hope he will change his mind. May I ask you to tell more about your surrogacy procedure? Which clinic have you used? It would be really great to know more about your experience!


dazzyshahu - August 29

Hello dear. I am really sorry for your losses. It is very difficult to handle own after struggling so hard in life. I can understand your situation very well because I have gone through such situation in my life. When I was newly married and decide to have baby then we find that I can’t get fertile and unable to become a mother. It terribly hurts me but I never lose the hope and finally I am blessed with twins. After knowing about your story I just want to say you do not need to lose the hope and seek for the opportunity to get pregnant and I am sure your dream will fulfill soon. It is the advance medical research generation where everything is possible. There are many women who faced infertility issues and finally defeat with courage and support. You can also get pregnant and become a mother of a sweet child. I know you want the surrogacy treatment but it is expensive and illegal in your country. But rather than this you can go with the IVF which is beneficial for your health and enhance the chance to get pregnant.
Surely you won’t need to think twice and it is the best option and opportunity to get pregnant and start a new phase in your life. You just need to take care of your health and need the complete support and care of your husband. If you want a healthy and sweet baby then you should concentrate on your balanced diet and go for the minerals and iron rich foods. You can add the high nutrients foods in your diet and drink plenty of water and fresh juice. I wish you all the best dear.


janajana1 - September 20

Hi! I am so sorry that you are going through that. I know it is hard to deal with that issue. I had a lots of problems to concieve but nothing like that. Probably you think that there is no light on the end of the tunel but you mustn't give up. I hope you will solve your problem.Take care.


mishavailable - September 21

Hello dear friend. I am really shocked to read your post. I am really sorry for the losses. I know how much it is difficult to bear the pain after the miscarriage. It was such a hard time and bad phase in life. But still you never give up and inspire the other women by taking the brilliant and wise step in your life. I know what you are feeling right now but keeping the mind positive leads to the beautiful destination and the destination I Lotus Clinic where everything is possible. Miscarriage only happens due to the irregular periods, imbalance of the hormones and not taking the healthy diet. But however you take the right decision and choose the surrogacy. When it comes to get the surrogacy treatment, Lotus Clinic is second to none and provides world class service that perfectly meets your requirement. Now you do not need to lose your pocket much and get the affordable and advance surrogacy treatment only at Lotus clinic. Here you can get the best treatment and you can get fertile with the help of healthy and quality eggs. You do not need to go anywhere and get the surrogacy mother with the help of Lotus Clinic.
During the surrogacy treatment you need to take care of your health properly. This time you need the complete support and care of your husband and should not compromise your health at any cost. Surely you can make your dream true and become the mother which was your dream. Surrogacy is the other name of converting the dream into reality which is possible by visiting at Lotus Clinic. You can get excellent facilities and get fertile.



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